Coronavirus Covid-19

Shop Working Practices (Updated 30/03/2020)

Keep Your Distance!

A really effective set-up for keeping customers 6 ft away from you (and you from our customers) is to put the little table on the mat in the doorway, and then put the big table sideways in front of it.  It just fits, under the card rack.  Invite customers to step back off the doorstep for a moment while you move forward to put their goods onto the edge of the big table.  Then you step back while they take their shopping.


Taking Payment

We strongly encourage customers to pay by card. Put the card machine on the right hand edge of the big table and press the buttons so that they can just beep it at the same time as they collect their goods. Nobody seems to want a receipt at the moment.  If the customer is paying with cash.... they can put it in the little blue plate, and you follow the same process of backwards and forwards so that you are far enough from them at all times.  Then wash your hands!

Keep Sanitising

The more sanitising of everything you can do as you go along, the better.  Phone, door handles, surfaces, blue money plate, card machine. 


Hand Washing

Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds and make sure that they are completely dry.

Bread & Pie Delivery

For those opening up, as soon as the bread arrives, please could you put it all in separate plastic bags.  This goes for the pies and pastries as well.  We know that plastic bags are bad, but so is coronavirus.  We will go back to our good habits just as soon as we can. Just a reminder, surgical blue gloves are there if you want them, but treat them as if they were your bare hands and put the usual blue gloves over the top for handling bread, pastries etc.  Better that than to transmit the virus. 

You Are Valuable

We may not be health workers, who are being so incredibly admirable, but those of you  who have stepped up to keep the shop open are doing  good things for our community.  We are getting lots of shopping orders from people who are house-bound.  Those of you who have had to step away for the duration have pretty much all approached us and asked what you can do to help.   Good work all of you!

How To Volunteer